Guest Speaker Featured for Peace Work



Recently, the Belfast Telegraph featured Rev. Gary Mason, a guest speaker of numerous EO Tours, for his peace work in Ireland.

The article quotes Rev. Mason:

I remember a wet November night, sitting with a guy from Tigers Bay. His wife was there and he was coming to his last breath. In the next bed, there was another man with his wife by his side, I think from the New Lodge, and we all got into conversation. I said, ‘It’s quite strange, isn’t it? The old Orange and Green aren’t too important now.’ And they both said, ‘You’re right, Gary’. So, it’s a balance of what is important and, hopefully, a meaningful pastoral approach helps people to see that the totality of life is not a piece of land.
— Rev. Gary Mason

The article continues:

"Forging these relationships was often a matter of small steps, when opportunities arose. For example, the Rev Mason recalls a loyalist hurling a brick at a house on the Springfield Road and missing a young mother and her new baby by inches.

'I went over the see the girl and say sorry and tell her that I was glad her child wasn't injured, but, of course, people (on the loyalist side) were saying, 'They're doing that to us, as well'. And I said, 'I know, but my job is to stop both of you doing it, because it's wrong - no one wants a six-month-old kid getting hit by a rock'. Through that incident and conversation, that young girl ended up crossing the Springfield Road and coming to the cross-community parents' and toddlers' group we had set up, just because I had gone across and spoken to her. It was about relationships and both sides need to hear each other'."

Read the complete article, here.

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