Friendships are Blossoming in Cuba

In October, Paula King completed two cruises to Cuba with EO guests spending two weeks on the Fathom Adonia. She was also on EO's inaugural cruise to Cuba in the Spring. She share's her thoughts below describing her experiences as her time was ending on the island nation for this season.

Another fantastic day in Cuba! We had a worship service at the Havana Central Methodist Church and visited with the administrators of the Seminary. Then we had an incredible lunch before going to Fusterlandia and the local craft market. It was especially good to see friends here from the last two cruises. God is good!!
— Paul K.

And the Tapas was Born

Lee van Rensburg recently shared this interesting story of the Tapas' beginnings.

Tapas (those delightful little sandwiches with different toppings in Spain) are well known and sought after by those visiting the country. An interesting origin of the word - and linked to el Camino! Pilgrims heading for Santiago de Compostela were favored by the King who ordered that no tavern, inn etc. could serve a cup or jar of wine to a pilgrim without including a piece of bread as well - so a piece of bread was put on top of the vessel covering “tapar” the wine. Generous tavern owners added a little piece of cheese, bacon, anchovy, sausage etc. . . and so the tapas was born !
— Lee