Capturing the Perfect Sunset

A Sunset in Patmos

A Sunset in Patmos

Throughout time sunsets have captured our attention as the last rays warm the colors in the sky. We take a breath, raise our cameras and tap the shutter. This moment captured defines some of the most peaceful time on a cruise, walks along the beach, or gazes across the Sea of Galilee.

So we wanted to share a few tips on how to capture the beauty of the sun slipping below the horizon.

  1. Keep an eye on the clouds. This is one time when a clear sky isn't needed. Clouds at different altitudes, different sizes and compositions will provide the perfect chance for the sun's rays to show a multitude of colors.
  2. Stay late. There's more to come. About 15 minutes after the sun sinks out of view, look up to the higher clouds where the last sunlight is reaching. You'll see pinks, purples, and oranges.
  3. Don't get distracted with the western horizon. Turn east to see light bounce off the eastern clouds.

Then there are the technical specs.

  1. Remember the Rule of Thirds. Think about your frame divided into vertical and horizontal thirds. Most cameras including ones on smartphones have a grid feature. Turn this on if you're unfamiliar with the Rule of Thirds. The horizon should run along the top of the lower third or the bottom of the top third depending on your preference and what you're shooting.
  2. Use a tripod to steady your camera. You can even find them for smartphones. Any motion your camera makes will increase blur.
  3. Then experiment with shutter speeds. A longer exposure will increase blur for anything moving like the water as your ship sails and increase the amount of light the camera captures. A shorter exposure will decrease blur and decrease the amount of light the camera captures.

So go ahead and shoot away and share your favorite image across your favorite social media network. Remember to tag your photo with #eotours.