Testimonies from Missouri - Bible Stories are Different Now

Teddy C. explains how his trip to the Holy Land with Brookdale Presbyterian Church provided a better understanding of what Jesus went through and how it has changed how he reads Bible stories.

The most heart-felt experience for me was when I was in the Garden Tomb where it seemed so natural in its surroundings where they could have laid Jesus. Our trip brought the Bible to life in a new way and made Jesusโ€™ life and death seem so real. I have a better understanding of all he went through for us. Meeting new friends in Christ on this great big adventure meant a lot to me. We had so many heart-felt times together, never to be forgotten. The largeness of the area where Jesus lived, taught, traveled and died was overwhelming for me as I journeyed through those special areas. The overall trip was worth more than words can tell in bringing this experience to life. Bible stories sound so very different now!! And we had so many great times along the way with laughter and things to remember we did together for a lifetime. Mike our guide was just great and we were blessed by him.
— Teddy C.