Testimonies from Missouri - A Group of One

Jane and Faith G. tell how a varied group of people "all seemed to be one" as they explored the Holy Land with Brookdale Presbyterian Church in March 2016.

I remember John saying how the trip will change our life by walking and being where the Bible took place. I didn’t realize how much it would affect me. It was something that I won’t forget. I enjoyed seeing where Jesus was born, died, and buried plus all the other sites we visited. I wanted to go because my mom had gone many years ago and I thought it would be nice for me to go too. I’m glad that inspired me to answer your announcement in the paper.

I also enjoyed meeting everyone on the trip. We were a varied group of people but we all seemed to be one…many churches and denominations, but just a group of people interested in the same thing. Thanks for allowing Faith and I to go on your trip. God bless.
— Jane and Faith G.