Testimonies from Missouri - Tips for Travelers

Janeen B. shares tips for future travelers and a few times that "made [her] heart soar."

As I reflect on the Holy Land trip, I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for a few things: 1) The uphill walks — both directions; 2) Sensory overload at most of the holy sites; 3) The fear I felt when nearly being blown off the top of the steep cliff/mountain spot — no one told us to bring our lead-weighted boots!

I will say, however, that several things made my heart soar as well: 1) Connecting with the sweet people from Goldsboro, especially Ross with his multi-colored / designed socks, different every day; 2) Meeting and sharing a bit of life with so many other tourists who love Jesus; 3) Walking into the Mass being held in the place that looked more like a cave than a church, and the message of Jesus in the Garden, having to drink the cup (and Elaine gently slipping a Kleenex into my hand); 4) The more “natural” places stole my breath — the Sea of Galilee; the path where Jesus walked from Capernaum to Jerusalem; the tomb and the Golgotha-like cliff, looking ever so much like a skull and vying for recognition as the actual place where Jesus was crucified.
— Janeen B.