Testimonies from Missouri - Moved by Conflict

Ruth B. shares her favorite memories and how she was moved by the wall between Israel and Palestine.

My favorite spot in the Holy Land was the Sea of Galilee. I loved being on the boat, hearing Mike’s testimony, and being able to wade into it. Also going down to watch the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee with John, Terri, James, and Elaine is another highlight. Also going to the restaurant where we ate St. Peter’s Fish — fish that was caught in the Sea of Galilee — was a foodie’s delight.

In Bethlehem, the highlight was dining in the Kassis’ family home. I will never forget seeing the wall erected between Israel and Palestine. Seeing all the children’s names written in Arabic on the wall that had died in the conflict tugged at my heart. It reminded me of the Berlin Wall. The Kassis family was the sweetest family and the food was so good. The chicken was delicious and the potatoes literally melted in your mouth.

In Jerusalem, I loved the Western Wall. My coworkers had asked me to pray and put their prayer requests in the wall.
— Ruth B.