Testimonies from Missouri

Over the next several posts, we're going to share a series of testimonies written by guests from Brookdale Presbyterian Church in St. Joseph, Missouri who traveled to the Holy Land in March 2016. The first is by John L.

I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of my spiritual renewal on the remarkable 2016 trip to Israel. The wonderful experiences and rich blessing of Christโ€™s presence we shared as we walked in the land where he lived, did his ministry, and was eventually crucified just for the love of us, are memories I will always treasure. I enjoyed seeing many sites I had not had the opportunity to see before. The three day extension allowed me extra time to take in more of the different religious cultures in the country and appreciate the various ways people of the Christian faith worship, praise, and honor God.

We can all be thankful we were blessed with having an outstanding guide like Mike, for his biblical knowledge of the sites, his deep devotion for Christ and humanity, and his willingness to become one of us and share in our experiences. During the free time Mike gave us at most of the sites, we were able to roam and take pictures, and to spend time in prayer or reflection.

I am thankful that with all the health issues I am dealing with, God gave me the strength, health and joy I so needed for this trip. My greatest joy was seeing new doors opened in the Holy Sepulcher to investigate, especially the Armenian section where we were able to get a group picture with the head priest, and the Ethiopian Coptic section where we discovered a new way out of the Holy Sepulcher. One other thing was simply walking on the old Roman road in the Valley of the Doves where Jesus would have walked between Nazareth and Capernaum, and the Cliffs of Arbel with their many caves.

My prayer is that each of you has grown in the knowledge of where Jesus spent his life, and that the Bible, as well as sermons, will be more alive in your heart, mind and spirit.

Thank you for being you.

Your brother in Christ (and devoted bus captain).
— John L.