Being Home Makes Being There a Reality - Testimonies from Missouri

Linda M. explains how her trip didn't settle in until after she came home. Enjoy her full testimony below as the Testimonies from Missouri continue.

I was glad to go to Israel, and after two weeks - glad to come home! In many ways the trip was as I always thought it would be and in other ways nothing I could have imagined. I was not so touched to be actually there as I have been now at home to know that I WAS there, if that makes any sense. I have loved looking at my pictures, reviewing where we traveled, reading the Bible and recognizing places and seeing them with my “soul eyes.” I loved experiencing all the different aspects of the trip - bonding with old friends, enjoying new relationships, meeting many new people and people groups; grasping an understanding a bit of the typography and geography of the region, the politics and religious diversity. I loved the busy market, the arid and windy wilderness, the damp and confining tunnels, the salty sea, the calm and warmth of the Sea of Galilee, the majesty of Mt. Hermon, the gnarled trees of Gethsemane, and the panoramic views everywhere!

And of course, there was Jerusalem itself with its busy market, walls, gates, quarters, sights and sounds so different from where we live. I thought of this song many times when we were in Israel and it pretty much sums it up:

”I walked today where Jesus walked in days of long ago.
I wandered down each path he knew with reverent step and slow;
I walked today where Jesus walked and felt his presence there.”

Thanks Terri and John for encouraging us to go and leading the way. I really enjoyed Mike, as I’m sure we all did. So glad to have had this experience and share it with all our new and old friends!!
— Linda M.