Testimony from our Holy Land Classic Tour

In addition to photos and videos, we receive many written testimonies from EO guests. Amy Seymour has just returned home, and despite an emergency room visit with her 87 year old father, she had a wonderful time. Here is her testimony:

We are home from our Holy Land Classic tour.  It was WONDERFUL!  This tour exceeded my expectations in every way.  I am not a “tour girl,” I much prefer to wander and “do my own thing.” I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this tour! It was so well organized, but not stuffy. The guide, Rula, was astoundingly well educated and informed. She was very informative but never arrogant. She did a great job of modifying the day’s agenda in order to help avoid crowds (which were not a problem), and to give us the greatest benefit from all we experienced.

Our “bus leader”, Bob was great also. Everyone was very friendly, kind, and inclusive.

My 87 year old father traveled with me. He tripped and had a rather bad fall which required an ambulance and emergency room visit. Joe and Marilyn Bullington were amazing. Marilyn, Sarah, and Pastor Bob all arrived at the emergency room. Marilyn and Sarah stayed with us the whole time and helped me with paperwork. They were marvelous. Thankfully my father is fine.

Thank you for offering such wonderful tours and enabling us Pilgrims to embark on a journey that would otherwise not be possible.


Amy Seymour